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Firstly, and least importantly, it’s super shiny and you’ll make all your friends and colleagues feel jealous and old fashioned when they realise their Eclipse version isn’t named after a popular chocolate bar.Secondly and more importantly, the Eclipse foundation do put a lot of work in to make Eclipse more performant, so you may as well make use of these enhancements in the newer versions.Eclipse is still good, but not that much better than its competitors any more.Eclipse interface is still very flexible and easy to customize but the recent plugins are not so well implemented and error prone (I am thinking of Maven, Git support).Let give few examples: A developer uses command “mvn eclipse:eclipse”.This command generates project classpath file and effectively disable Workspace Resolution.

It’s important to clean up your history and indexes periodically. Big performance improvements are made in each version of Java when new versions are released and it just makes sense to upgrade, if possible.Eclipse market is still great but lots of plugins are not so well tested and may create performance or stability issue.Let share some thoughts: Why don’t make it simpler like Chrome installation when new Eclipse can copy whatever settings that I have done on the old Eclipse? How to speed up your eclipse from super slow to super fast. A lot time spent for check to updating Andriod Library Thanks.I had downloaded eclipse indigo and it was taking 7 min to load and another 2 min to configure viz building workspace, indexes etc all in all about 10 min… Once we start working on eclipse, it gradually becomes slower.To improve the performance and make eclipse faster, there are certain ways which you can utilize and see noticeable differences.

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