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There are others who will argue vehemently that the earliest Gospel must have been written after 70 AD. The early dating of the Gospels is based on some backward calculating from events in Acts. Paul was executed around 65 AD during Nero’s reign.

The most popular dating of the Gospels puts Mark (as the earliest Gospel) at 70 AD or slightly before, Matthew and Luke in the mid-80s and John in the 90s. Assuming that Luke (who wrote Acts) would have described Paul’s death if it had already happen, Acts is then dated before 65. Since most scholars assume that Luke used Mark, that puts Mark fairly early.

For example, in Matt 22:7: "The king was enraged and sent his troops, destroyed those murderers, and burned their city." That seems like an understatement to describe such a huge and terrible event. Thirdly, the reference to the destruction of a city in Matt 22:7 can and should be taken as a direct reference to the Jewish War and to the destruction of Jerusalem in particular. With respect to Matthew’s use of Mark, the date of Mark is itself not certain. As for Matthew’s developed Christology, it is no more developed than Paul’s and the Pauline letters were written in the 50s.

Is there any evidence this parable was added to a pre-70 C. This leaves the reference to the destruction of the city in the parable of the wedding feast as the final piece of evidence for dating Matthew after the Jewish War.

However, from a historical perspective I don’t think that the Gospels have to be dated after the destruction.

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The Synoptic Gospels include a prediction by Jesus of the destruction of this temple.Based on this dating the war would not have been an event of the recent past, and it would be understandable that Matthew did not focus on it in his Gospel.Thus the more distance that can be put between the destruction of Jerusalem and the writing of Matthew, either geographical distance or temporal distance (or both), the more easily we can explain why this Christian Jewish author did not refer more concretely to the calamity of the Jewish War. It emerged as the descendant of ancient Israelite Religion, and is characterized by monotheism and an adherence to the laws present in the Written Torah (the Bible) and the Oral Torah (Talmudic/Rabbinic tradition).Since it is impossible for people to predict the future, the Gospels must have been written after the destruction in 70 AD.Some scholars will let Mark be slightly before the event, when it was obvious that something like this would probably be happening. Since I’m a Christian, I don’t see it as impossible that Jesus could have made such a prophecy.

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