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In the rearview mirror, I couldn't help noticing the swell of her breasts jiggling as she arched her back.

Then I glanced down at my still-hard erection, the glimpses of my daughter's flesh seared into my mind. It was hard to think of Tiffany, or any woman, when my teeth chattered. Her dress—a lavender affair with a plunging neckline that had shocked me when I saw it, though her mother told me to stop being a prude—rustled as she straightened up.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~It was late when we arrived at the house, my feet sore, both my women sleepy. I followed that gorgeous ass, my cock bouncing before me. ” my wife whispered in my ear as she stroked my dick. I groaned, kneeling between Tiffany's thighs as I watched my wife tongue our sweet daughter's cunt. I took my first i****tuous lick of my daughter's cunt. I caught shadowed glimpses of her pussy covered by her trimmed, brown down. Naked and hard.“Come here,” she whispered, motioning to me. And yet insisted he still sleep with her.“Isn't that a beautiful sight? And my wife kept stroking me.“You saw her step out of the bathroom today, teasing you. “Do it.”I moved to the bed and grasped our daughter's filly, blue panties. The fabric rolled, exposing her pubic hair, dark against her pale skin. “She's going to have a real wet dream tonight.”My wife leaned down and licked at our daughter's slit. I probed it with my fingers, touching it, my dick aching, begging to bury into my daughter and feel the sweet grip of her flesh about me.“That's it,” my wife moaned with crazed passion. Join Julie and friends for a sex filled journey of discovery... When graduate student Julie Smith (Jessie Andrews) decides to uncover the naughty secrets of online dating for her thesis, she gets some happy and sexy surprises.With her willing subjects too happy to oblige, Julie documents the current trends in sexting, internet dating and just plain hooking up.

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