Diablo armory not updating

Median XL modernizes the Diablo II engine by adding many features found in modern games. The automatic gold-pickup feature will do it for you as you walk near them.Died far away from town and forgot to cast a Town Portal?To make this process more interesting, Median XL offers thousands of brand new items for you to acquire through farming, boss killing and crafting.There is so much diversity that you can easily build unique characters focusing on item-only skills or trigger skills which can be extremely powerful.Rest assured that your loots are kept and sorted (salvaged, sold, stashed) according to a configurable pickit list.Avoid ground effects (molten, arcane...) according to your choices. If you're feeling lucky you can sacrifice a reward from an endgame quest for a chance of adding unique bonuses to your gear.Rare items which are competitive to uniques and runewords, and which can be shrine crafted with custom stats according to your needs to create something truly spectacular.

Prepare to strut your stuff in a head-to-head fashion face-off and see who can put it all together—for the win!

Play with your friends on our online gateway which features numerous servers located in North America, Europe and Asia.

Participate in frequently run world events, special themed ladder seasons and community challenges.

Your body will now spawn next to your character in town, so that you don't have to re-join the game.

Many other features are coming: a higher resolution, loot filtering, one click item movement between cube/stash and inventory and more!

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