Depression and not dating

I know I don't, and no one else is perfect either. When my ex-girlfriend made a joke or story that's only funny to her, I don't laugh or smile.Instead I just listen or ask her questions about that topic if I'm interested.I've been trying online dating, but struggle with figuring out how to mention that even though I'm awesome (this is clearly a better day), I also have days where I can't figure out why my friends even like me. It was actually one of the things I really liked about her. I told her I did too and it didn't scare me off because I know what it's like.How do you let someone know they're dating someone with depression, without scaring them off? I can't guarantee it wouldn't scare off some people but are they really worth it if that's a reason they turn away from you?My depression is worse on some days than others (not going into details on that just now), so some days I'm sure I'm a joy to be around. How do you explain to someone you just met (and want to present your best-self towards) that you suffer from depression?I feel like bringing it up too soon will scare a guy off, but on the other hand, how do you explain those days when it takes all your energy just to go to work, let alone be funny and interesting for someone? She told me the first night we started talking that she had it.I don't know about you, but if I were a woman, knowing who I am, I wouldn't date myself.There's no use dating someone who's determined to self destruct.

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You don't have to disclose your personal medical issues to someone immediately, especially considering that the first date could be the last for a variety of reasons.I actually was about to date a girl with depression. She could have easily died, maybe taken someone with her.Yes, I know how it feels to not care about your life and take your chances despite a large risk death. Should I start dating her and she do something stupid like that again, that'd be the worst thing to happen to me.Well, I think it could be boiled down to basic relationship communication. Finding out later could put a wedge in the trust between the two of you.First off, if this wards a person off then it wasn't meant to be. Let them know that you still care about them even though it might not seem like it. My current boyfriend knew about it because we were friends before.

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