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Paypal’s services function by letting you spend and receive money using your email address.

Through your Papal account, you can pay businesses or people either by drawing money from your credit card or taking it directly from your checking account.

That means you can use a debit card wherever Visa® or Mastercard® debit cards are accepted, for example, department stores, restaurants, or online. When you use a debit card, the money is deducted from your checking account.

With a credit card, you’re borrowing money to be repaid later.

Paypal and Google Checkout offer safeguards against getting scammed, but using them can be a hassle.

At the moment, prepaid gift and debit cards don’t offer much in the way of assurance against fraud, though that will probably change in the future since ‘09’s CARD Act is ushering in more complete regulation of the burgeoning market in providing electronic money transfers.

ATM and debit cards are also a convenient way to make purchases without carrying cash that help you keep better track of the money you spend.

In Conclusion The major pitfall across these options is getting help if something goes wrong.

This not only keeps your purchases discreet, but closing your registration with Checkout will also allow you to nix your payment history.

Prepaid Gift Cards To start, it is important to remember that as far as your anonymity goes, gift cards and prepaid debit cards are two very different animals.

Note: contactless payments are not accepted for Transport Park&Ride or On Demand services.

You must always tap on at the start and tap off at the end of each trip to ensure you are travelling with a valid ticket.

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