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Directors Roland Emmerich, Ang Lee, Chris Columbus, Jan de Bont, M.Night Shyamalan, Tony Scott, and David Fincher were considered to direct the project before Raimi was hired as director in 2000.There, Peter is bitten by a genetically engineered "super spider." After arriving home he becomes unconscious.Meanwhile, Harry's father, scientist Norman Osborn, owner of Oscorp, tries to secure an important military contract.He experiments on himself with an unstable performance-enhancing chemical.After absorbing the chemical, he goes insane and kills his assistant.

Spider-Man premiered at the Mann Village Theater on April 29, 2002, and was released in the United States four days later on May 3.After his foster father/uncle is murdered by an armed felon, something of which he felt partially responsible, a guilt-ridden Parker is later driven to use his new abilities for a nobler purpose, as the hero/vigilante Spider-Man, to atone for his uncle's murder.The rest of the film focuses on Parker's efforts to balance his personal life as he graduates from high school and becomes a freelance photographer, while also struggling with his studies, his friendship with his childhood best friend Harry Osborn, his growing feelings for his former high school crush Mary Jane-Watson, and his dual life as Spider-Man.Continue reading The National Hurricane Center’s 5 p.m.EDT update said it expects “a prolonged period of catastrophic winds” and storm surge to affect the Abacos Islands and the Grand Bahama Island on Sunday night.

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