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Following the arrival of the railways in 1873, production and distribution opened up and the region soon had around 50 producers.

Vallauris currentlly has a Kitsch Museum which displays thousands of ceramic items that reflect the creative output from the 50’s to the 70’s where audacious art was made for the tourist market by anonymous ceramicists expressing their flamboyance..Gilbert Valentin – matt black glaze with red enamel pitcher ( Rago ) Located in a region in south-eastern France, Vallauris is nestled among low coastal hills and with its rich supply of clay, has been a pottery-making centre since Roman times.Originally the suppliers catered for the local market with culinary and garden wares and some exports.Clément Massier began working with his father Jaques in 1856.After his father hired Gaetano Gandolfi, an Italian master-potter, Clement began training with him and pioneered several techniques and metallic glazes including their signature iridescent luster glazed pottery.

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