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Back 2 School is the biggest inclusion healthcare resource fair in Los Angeles for children with developmental disabilities and their families.The event will bring out resource vendors to provide families with medical, dental, developmental, and mental health screenings, pro bono legal clinic, and educational workshops to improve overall health and wellness, and more.

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), you see them on romantic dates in restaurants, they are holding hands at amusement parks, they are strangers, they are your friends, your relatives, your work buddies.

The summer camp benefits more than 300 local children.

As part of our campaign to support families in crisis, we offer you the chance to contribute to our life-changing, transformational programs which have already impacted the lives of thousands – whether they face an urgent need, a devastating diagnosis, or seek to improve their quality of life. Congrats #Irvine Awards recipient @Areva Martin Read More Our mission is to raise public awareness of developmental disabilities and to impact public policy while providing education and resources to families, children and adults.

She tells a very sad fact: “The divorce rate among couples who have a child diagnosed with autism is estimated to be around 80 per cent. All-consuming therapies, medical treatments and financial stress can become the focus… and the result can be disastrous to the marriage.” “Doug and I have learned that we have to put our marriage first… The author talked about how some couples focus all of their energies on their child’s autism and completely neglect their marriage. The article had some solid tips for keeping a marriage strong and then using the marriage as a source of strength and comfort in the midst of the stress of autism. Please click onto the link provided below to find: • AUTISM RESOURCE LIST We would greatly appreciate it if you would share your insights in the comment section provided below to help those who are dealing with various marriage challenges as they raise their disabled children.

even if it means giving up some time spent doing ‘good things.’ This includes time consuming therapies for Noah [who has Autism] or even, in our case, ministry activities. “As I sat there reading and silently ‘amening’ the author’s article, I realized that I am living out the priceless benefits of a solid marriage. Or perhaps you are facing challenges in your own marriage and want to reach out in community for prayer and/or advice.

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