Dating site with contact email

2.2 Free membership You may register, take the personality test, create a profile and receive individual partner suggestions without charge.

2.3 Paid membership (a) You also have the option to subscribe for "paid membership".

(c) In order to make a claim for compensation under a Contact Guarantee you must first have complied with the following obligations for the duration of the Contact Guarantee: (i) For a: (A) Six (6) month membership, you must have sent at least 4 self-formulated messages to other ELITESINGLES members; (B) Twelve (12) month membership, you must have sent at least 8 self-formulated messages to other ELITESINGLES members; (ii) Completed in full the “My Profile” and “My Search” sections of your account; (iii) Uploaded at least one profile picture to your account; (iv) Maintained an active paid account; (v) Regularly logged on to your account; (vi) Provided written notice to ELITESINGLES via the Customer Care contact form found under the ‘Feedback’ link of its failure to meet the conditions of the Contact Guarantee prior to the expiry of your account.

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When you register for the App, you will receive access to the ELITESINGLES database, which contains profiles and information about other members.

If you take out a Contact Guarantee, the following special conditions apply depending on the length of your contract.

For: (i) A 6 month contract, a minimum of 10 unique Contacts are guaranteed; and (ii) A 12 month contract a minimum of 20 unique Contacts are guaranteed.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care team via the contact form within the app.

ELITESINGLES is operated by Spark Networks Services Gmb H, Kohlfurter Straße 41/43, 10999 Berlin, (hereinafter "ELITESINGLES").

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