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He had the right stature for sports and joined the football, basketball and baseball teams.He was made the captain of all the teams earlier mentioned.The NFL superstar also got a luxury house for about .5 Million in 2008 and another located in Duluth worth 4,000.Matt Ryan’s wife Sarah Ryan is a former high school basketball legend.Here are details of his bio, career, family, wife and other quick facts worth knowing.Mathew Thomas Ryan was born in the suburbs of Exton in Pennsylvania, in the USA on May 17, 1985.The couple met at BC while both were ripping it up.

Boston College recruited Sarah, and she started as a point guard for three years.

Our first born, Marshall Thomas Ryan, was sent home after 5 weeks in the NICU.

His brother John (Johnny) Matthew Ryan followed a week later.

After 6 weeks under the watch of the amazing doctors and nurses at Northside Hospital, our twin boys decided they were ready to make their arrival into the world.

They were small but tough and fought their way through their time in the NICU to get strong enough to come home.

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