Dating sagittarius women

Jupiter offers the influence of liberalism, positivity, optimism, cheerfulness, and when the circumstances are right, it can lend to the profitable nature of an endeavor.The Sagittarius Woman sees Jupiter’s influence manifest in her dutiful, sincere, authentic, law-abiding, truthful, and honest nature.Jupiter, the great planet of growth and expansion, is the ruling influence over the Sagittarius Woman.The planet corresponds with intelligence, expansion of the mind, higher learning endeavors, and the growth and expansion of one’s spiritual nature.Your Sagittarius Woman craves human touch and interaction so she will need plenty of attention to keep her happy.

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Her commitment to honesty immediately clashes with the act of trying to hold back and keep feelings hidden.

She might even occasionally wonder if the universe is playing cruel tricks on her just for a chuckle.

For example, she might try to do a nice strip tease for you only to twist her ankle.

While this might be a nice notion, she must discover meaning within herself before real happiness is possible.

No one ever said the Sagittarius Woman is graceful, and for the bedroom, she might come across is downright clumsy.

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