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Practice Key Vault recovery operations on a regular basis.Note If a user has contributor permissions (RBAC) to a key vault management plane, they can grant themselves access to the data plane by setting a key vault access policy.Conversely, if you want a user to be able to read vault properties and tags but not have any access to keys, secrets, or certificates, you can grant this user read access by using RBAC, and no access to the data plane is required.Best practice: Store certificates in your key vault. In the wrong hands, your application's security or the security of your data can be compromised.Best practice: Ensure that you can recover a deletion of key vaults or key vault objects.Detail: Deletion of key vaults or key vault objects can be inadvertent or malicious.

See Deploy Certificates to VMs from customer-managed Key Vault for more information.

Best practice: Grant access to users, groups, and applications at a specific scope. For example, to grant access to a user to manage key vaults, you would assign the predefined role Key Vault Contributor to this user at a specific scope.

The scope in this case would be a subscription, a resource group, or just a specific key vault.

Best practice: Use a secure management workstation to protect sensitive accounts, tasks, and data.

Detail: Use a privileged access workstation to reduce the attack surface in workstations.

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