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A spokesperson for Milner said in a statement, "Yuri Milner has not been involved as CEO of since 2003.

Shortly after the IPO of in 2010, he sold all of his shares in the company.

And yet, long before that extension was in place, Facebook says ran hundreds of apps on the platform, all of which operated under Facebook's old rules, which allow app developers to collect their users' friends' data.

Facebook has since clarified that while it announced this change in 2014, apps that already had access to people's friends' data continued to have access until May 2015.

In November 2017, following the so-called Paradise Papers leak of 13.4 million confidential documents related to offshore payments, reported that Milner had received hundreds of millions of dollars in Russian state funding, which he used in part to invest in both Facebook and Twitter through his international investment firm, DST Global.

While nothing in the reports suggested that the investments were part of Russian influence operations, the news broke after the US launched federal investigations into Russian interference in the election.

"Cambridge Analytica was a relatively small company that was fiddling on the edges," Bruen says.

"Now put that information in the hands of a massive intelligence agency."Issie Lapowsky is a senior writer for WIRED covering the intersection of tech, politics, and national affairs.

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