Dating rapture

The movie presents an interesting view of how even the most unlikely person might become born-again. See more » A haunting movie -- one that lingers in the mind (and the heart) for a long time afterwards.

Mimi Rogers turns in a stunning performance as a woman trapped in a cycle of dull work and duller play, whose life is transformed twice -- first by a religious conversion, and then by coming face to face with the literal meaning of that conversion.

She is incandescent in her belief, and in the movie's final scenes, takes on the epic proportions of a Job or King Lear.

You may be puzzled, conflicted, or even offended by what the movie "means," but you won't be able to walk away from it untouched.

See full summary » After being thrown out of her house, Maria encounters a married woman who complains of not having children.

Now, apparently, it's termed the Asthenic Syndrome.

Whatever it is, Nikolai, a teacher of epicly indifferent pupils, has ...

In this view, the rapture—which is the transformation and catching up of all Christians, dead or alive, to meet Christ in the air—will be secret, for it will be unknown to the world of unbelievers at the time of its happening.

The effect of this removal, in the absence of multitudes of people, will, of course, be evident on earth.

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