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Lining up 67% brighter and with a 67% higher contrast ratio than past models, this panel really pops.Throw in a 25% wider colour gamut, and you've got a 13.3-inch display with true wow factor.No, it might not be quite as exciting, but the entry-level model is now arguably Apple's most compelling laptop.It's a machine that's answered all the issues you might have had with past Pros while one-upping its siblings.

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Sure, if you opt for this version you're always going to wonder why and what if, but you're still going to have a seriously impressive, powerful machine of your own.OK, so it's not a hugely original design – it still looks like a Mac Book – but Apple's classic minimalism has been pushed to the max.Having shed serious millimetres and grams, the new model lines up at just 1.49cm thick (that's 17% slimmer than last year) and a solid but easily portable 1.37kg in weight.Either way you're going to need a lot of new compatible accessories and adaptors, but as a Pro machine, having just two connections – one of which will often be taken over by a power cable – just feels too limiting. That's our first impression of the Mac Book Pro's new screen.The laptop's panel might not be anything groundbreaking on a resolution front, as there's still a stunning sharp 2560 x 1660 pixel Retina display in there, but the improvements Apple has made over past models is what really makes this screen shine.

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