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all proudly boast their personality quizzes, which are based on the decade-long research of big name psychologists like Dr. But are these personality tests accurate enough to reveal the inner self of millions of unique individuals or are they just smoke and mirrors to bewilder naive singles into subscribing to the service?In order to determine the reliability of these quizzes, we should first take a look at the mother of all personality tests and how this craze began.The Myers-Briggs test has quickly gained popularity and it’s widely used when it comes to career coaching, employee screening and even for judging the compatibility of a couple.

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If you ask someone if their current job is the best one that they've had and their favorite job yet, you'll learn a lot about them. It's good for you to find out because if you get along and start dating each other, you're going to be spending precious Saturday and Sundays as a couple.

Asking our date if they like to cook is a great idea since you'll know if they're a take-out pro or if they really do love getting into the kitchen.

It'll also set up your expectations for future dates.

Twenty years later the Briggs family dusted off the psychoanalyst’s observations and combined the loosely connected personality traits into one larger theory that had 16 potential outcomes.

They also described each of the categories with an easily understandable label such as ‘Mediator’, ‘Adventurer’ or ‘Entrepreneur’.

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