Dating on a shoestring budget

Another way to save a bit of money on the household bills is to check you’re getting the discount you’re entitled to on your council tax.

If you live on your own you can get a 25% discount on your bill, but you’ll have to contact the council to make sure they’ve updated your account.

If you’re not on a metered bill then you should speak to your water company and they’ll arrange for one to be installed.

Being single and skint doesn’t mean you have to stop what you enjoy doing.Being single and skint doesn’t have to mean that you stay in the house with an ever expanding number of cats!Money Saving has a forum thread dedicated to free cinema previews for movie fans or you could indulge your inner culture vulture by visiting your local art gallery.If you put your mind to it there are loads of free or cheap things you can do with your pals.It’s just a matter of being a bit more creative with your thinking.

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