Dating men who are uneducated

I’m 36 years old and I have dated this guy for a long time. He also doesn’t attend church but claims to have a relationship with God. ________________________________________________________________________ My dear, I will straight off recommend Ross T’s So you want to marry series…I’m the opposite though, I have a relationship with God and I’m educated. It’s a practical guide for the lady seeking a husband.As I grew older my mother counseled me to find a partner with a good education and a strong work ethic.She warned me of the pain she experienced when leaving an infant at daycare for long hours because she needed to earn enough to support a family.You can see it in the questions they ask about my fiancé. A woman with multiple degrees marries someone with the same or more education, not less.She marries someone whose work is as or more important than hers, not less.Instead he supports me as I work through my very demanding program, and we split the chores fifty-fifty so I can concentrate on my schoolwork. And I am marrying him knowing that after I graduate, I will significantly out-earn him.During exam periods, he pretty much takes on a hundred percent of the domestic drudgery. He and I have both recognized that I will likely always be the breadwinner, and we’re okay with that.

I am not making a mistake by marrying a man who earns less than me.

He never finished his college program and has no interest in the field.

He works hard and puts in overtime hours every week to support our family while I work my way through graduate school.

I am not making a mistake by marrying a man who isn’t as educated as I am.

We are the product of a changed economy and a shift in gender roles. My fiancé and I have never subscribed to traditional definitions of gender.

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