Dating letters of st paul

But if the canon was not ultimately arranged in such a sequence then what kind of arrangement dictated this order.

The answer is a fairly mundane one, it appears that the letters were almost put exclusively in an order of decreasing length; an approach that was not unknown in other collections of documents written by a single individual in the ancient Greco-Roman world.

There are also Power Point visuals that accompany this course, hopefully adding further clarification to this study.) We begin by turning to the Epistles of Paul, the author who is responsible for thirteen of the letters contained in the New Testament Canon.

After Jesus Christ, himself, probably no other single individual was more influential in the foundation and formation of Christianity in its early years or perhaps in any period of its history.

But when the canon was standardized largely by the 4th century, this sequence more and more came to prevail.

Why do the letters of Paul appear in the order they do?

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We will draw some connections between the different letters according to those historical developments.

Key thinkers throughout Christian history have under gone personal and then led cooperate Christian revolutions because of their understanding of the writings of the Apostle Paul.

One thinks of Saint Augustin in the early 4th century with his dramatic conversion and strong emphasis on the sovereignty of God in leading the lives of People and also in the entire universe and cosmos.

We turn now to the question of the Canon of the New Testament and the letters of Paul and more particularly, why do they appear where they do in the Christian Bible.

Of course, it made sense for the four Gospels to be placed first because Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, each in its own way presented the life of Christ who as Christians believe the God Man from an earthy perspective founded the religion now known as Christianity.

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