Dating in the dark uk production company

The first important and easy way to determine the difference in the period is looking if the jacket has two hand warmer pockets.If they are there then it’s from the mid-1980 until the present.If your jacket has a double row stitching adjacent to the buttonhole and only two chest pockets, then it’s from the same period, 71 till mid-80s.Jan is a designer with a background in graphic, packaging, and in-store design.

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While other factors like lathing concentricity and hammering patterns can assist in divining the age/era of your cymbal, the most accurate way to know whether you have a crash from the ‘70s or the ‘40s is a close study of the famous Zildjian stamp.

Based on extensive research on the topic, we’ve put together our guidelines for how to determine the production date of vintage Levi’s denim jackets.

Have a look below to find out how old your jacket is.

If you haven’t already, we recommend reading through our article on the history of Zildjian cymbals to understand the breadth of the company’s past. Zildjian cymbal are comprised of two parts: an upper section in Arabic and a lower bit in English.

For the sake of parsing through a reasonable amount of information, this article focuses on the history of A. The English section, though changing slightly in detail over time, reads “Avedis Zildjian Co, Genuine Turkish Cymbals, Made in U. A.” The Arabic portion is the key element in identifying older models.

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