Dating for single business owners

An hour later, in spite of the fact that nothing has happened, they’re an emotional wreck and break out into tears.

The next thing you know, they’re ticked off, and you’re left wondering what happened.

However, there are various levels of entrepreneurs.

Some may get to the place where their business is making 200K a year and they’re content with that.

They’ll appreciate the fact that you had their back when they had nothing. And I’m not talking about prayer or meditation in the morning.

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When they go off alone, you may wonder if they’re seeing someone.Or, they may want to go to the gym or do yoga or go to a quiet place.In those times they may not want to talk to anybody.You may even feel like you’re dating three different people at the same time, due to the different personalities.This doesn’t mean that they’re bipolar, but reading books like will help you understand how entrepreneurs are wired.

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