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[tags: Online dating service, Dating, Dating system] - Outside World seems to suggest that online dating not only benefit in meeting partner, but also leads relationship to marriage in higher rate than offline couple.

However, Paul Aditi explains that people who meet online may more likely to involve in dating and relationship than traditional meeting, but the breakup rate seems to be higher in online dating than relationship that met through offline.

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Online users are finding it easier to date within the same faith and that faith is the most important factor when it comes to finding a partner.

Online dating has posed several benefits and challenges.

In this age of digital match-making services, there has been a change in the fundamental nature of social networks and human interaction.

Many people with active religious affiliation lean more to sights that cater to spiritual like-minded people.

People who decide to disclose their religious affiliations may seek to find romantic partnership in people with the same religious affiliations (Young, Dutta, Gopal 2018).

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