Dating disaster stories

I hadn't had a great deal of sexual experience when Ginger and I got married at age twenty one, although I certainly wasn't a virgin -- and neither was she.We had been married for five years when we were both twenty six.Your dating advice is spot on and your recommendations are not only wise, but they are also hilarious!Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are single and dating or if you find your dates on the internet, you need this website." - Lisa M, New York "You know I don't often want to admit how wrong I am about my hopes and dreams for a long lasting relationship.Ashley was a little more adventurous than either Ginger or me; Sybil was more than adventurous -- she was audacious, headstrong, and sometimes foolhardy.She was the only one of our close acquaintances who, with her husband Trent, owned a house. Trent, me, and two other husbands of the party attendees, played tennis and went bowling during the day, then saw a killer chick action movie in the early evening.

Then Ginger went to her friend Ashley's bachlorette party, hosted by another friend, Sybil.

As an adult I'm 5'11" tall, 180 pounds, brown hair, green eyes, average looks and sexual equipment (at least that's my impression from sports locker rooms, though I've never "studied" it, or felt the need to), and slightly above average muscle tone.

Like everyone else I have some strengths and some weaknesses.

She was in a bubbly, giggly, mood, the same as the other two times that I saw her inebriated.

I had to help her get undressed; I showered with her because she was raunchy and I was no petunia either, and then put her to bed.

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