Dating delilah sleeping with the enemy

Many in the church have set down the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, and picked up pornography.

Many others have traded church service for occultic entertainment like Harry Potter or danced to the demonic beats of modern music.

During the middle ages, this mark of shame, denuding a woman of what was supposed to be her most seductive feature, was commonly a punishment for adultery.

Shaving women’s heads as a mark of retribution and humiliation was reintroduced in the 20th century.

But among the cheering images there are also shocking ones.

After French troops occupied the Rhineland in 1923, German women who had relations with them later suffered the same fate.

And during the second world war, the Nazi state issued orders that German women accused of sleeping with non-Aryans or foreign prisoners employed on farms should also be publicly punished in this way.

Modern-Day Samsons Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox! We're like modern-day Samsons, seduced and lulled to sleep by devilish Delilahs and losing our power to combat the enemy's onslaught. But by compromising with the spirit of the world, much of the church has effectively and willfully taken off its armor and laid down its weapons because it makes it more comfortable to sleep through the noise of sin that's erupting all around us.

Many in the church have taken off the belt of truth and embraced lies that it's OK to practice homosexuality or to neglect prayer or to lie around with people to whom you're not married.

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