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So, consider following your nose and listening to your gut more when selecting a mate.

Our bodies may give us at least initial clues to know whether or not we've found a good match.

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But if it’s too different, this is also problematic.

Just like Goldilocks, if [the scent] is just right, it works."So, evolutionarily "smell dating" makes sense, because we don't want to pair up with someone too similar to us or our offspring may have genetic defects.

There’s something called MHC—major histocompatibility complex. If someone's scent is too similar to our family members', we won’t be attracted.I'm here to meet guys minimum 29 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking. I'm very simple,if you know me in based in my profile picture.hehehe I like to go for adventure... I love why I love countryside place,more scenic and peaceful place to be live.. I'm a type of a person who really likes to laugh, I try get things to be postive..In other words, he says you will perceive someone as "good" or "bad," even if it's an artificial response based of someone's perfume, if that person's scent is too intense.He says that at smell-dating events, "People will look more negatively to those who have a major smell.

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