Dating awkward guys

I was sick and tired of feeling manipulated by other people.If you'd like to stop being "played" by the games people play - and learn how to take POSITIVE control so that you can start winning - without deception or manipulation, or sinking to their level - then you owe it to yourself to take a look at my Power Social Skills program.Now I've been talking about this concept in terms of creating a new girlfriend or boyfriend, but this is really applicable to ANY area of your life where you're trying to create a "relationship" of some kind.It could be a business relationship, between you and your boss...It could be a romantic relationship between you and a lover...It could be a sales relationship between you and possible client or customer...

When my friend heard my solution, she told her daughter: "See! He always has a good solution to these problems." I'm not telling you this to brag or pat myself on the back.Whatever the motive, we need to go through these steps to create something REAL between people.But when the games start to become negative, and we feel like we're in over our heads, the only thing you can do sometimes is to grab on and hope that you can avoid getting "played" by these people.If you're a guy trying to get a date with a woman, you'll probably need to get some level of commitment from the woman, usually by getting her phone number so you can reconnect and move up to a date. STEP #4: Action Now that you've gotten them to commit to doing something with you, it's time to make them take ACTION. The small games we had to play to get here are now acknowledged as being okay, because they got us to the goal of finally getting together with someone so that we can now - hopefully - drop the games and get REAL with the other person.Whether that's to follow your plan - maybe a date, or just to show up, they have to DO something to make the connection real. But unfortunately, many of those games don't necessarily go away here - or in other parts of our life.

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