Dating advice from a playboy bunny

If that doesn't work, show some skin If you're panicking because the only "golden hour" photo you have is from freshman year, don't worry. Think bare arms or subtly sexy V-necks, not in-your-face cleave.If you're going for borderline Playboy bunny, you could attract the wrong kind of attention.It's very easy to look back over a life and think you might have done something a little differently, save some pain [when you ]made a wrong decision or [had] a personal struggle, but you can't very well play that game.

Whether you love him, hate him, or just don’t care, there is still something that everyone can learn from the life and legacy of Hugh Hefner.

Hugh not only broke into one of the most difficult industries in the world, but he did so by revolutionizing the conversation that our society was having about one of the most taboo and staunchly guarded topics… With his recent passing, I began looking into Hugh’s life more and more to truly understand the man behind the playmates. While you might not agree with his legacy, there was far more to Mr.

Hefner than the robe, tobacco pipe, and scantily clad women.

Snap a photo with "golden hour" lighting Dig into your Facebook vault for an outdoor pic taken during the first or last hours of sunlight.

This warm glow is the golden ticket to nailing the perfect "I gotta message this girl right now" kind of photo.

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