Dating a guy with one leg

Eventually, Stephanie jumped back into the dating game.

Still unable to forget the hurt and rejection of the past, she struggled to trust a new friend-turned-boyfriend. “He was the first guy I dated after the bad experience.”Things seemed good, though, and the relationship heated up a notch.

“I was in Tampa, Florida, at a karaoke bar,” Stephanie says, “and this really good-looking guy with long blond hair came up to the table and introduced himself.

Then he asks if I would like to sing a song with him.” He turned out to be a Calvin Klein model, and they became a couple for two years.

Usually, though, Stephanie waits for “the right time to approach the subject.”The stereotype is that models are shallow, but that’s not what Stephanie has found.

In fact, her experience shows that with a positive attitude and a little self-esteem, there is no reason that amputees can’t date the hottest person in the room.

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If she is limping, and he wonders what’s going on, then she will briefly talk about her accident.

She told her date that her aching leg (which, of course, was fine) needed some medicine and asked him to meet her back at a friend’s house.

Once her date was out the door, however, she proceeded to dance and exchange numbers with the other guy.“I don’t know why, but I came out of this shell after the accident, and all these guys were interested in me,” says Stephanie, “I think guys saw this 18-year-old who was not tripping about losing a leg.”High-school hormones may make hooking up easier, but dating tends to get a little more complicated with age.

“I think it looks ugly and hairy,” Stephanie admits. ’ I hope to be with a man who is completely comfortable with himself and with whom I can be comfortable.”If a guy is interested in her, she says, he needs to be able to accept her prosthesis or she doesn’t need to be with him.

“I usually keep a sock over it.”Because she feels awkward with her naked residual limb, she usually keeps her prosthesis on during physical intimacy. After she has known a man for a long time and feels compatible, however, she is sometimes able to be physically intimate without it. “Guys need to know that I come with a lot of surprises other than just my leg. If he can’t handle this, he won’t be able to handle the rest.

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