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Make the most out of your social media marketing with the numbers below: Helpful numbers to keep in consideration: The world population is 7.6 billion and the internet has 4.1 billion users.

[8] Over the past few years, reported executions have been almost exclusively by beheading, [9] despite the prevalence of media discussion of the possibility of death by stoning. [2] At least 46 individuals were on death row at the end of 2018. This may not be the Hanbali position, but one Al-Adl (a journal published by the Saudi Ministry of Justice) article adopted this position. According to the Hanbali schools of Sunni Islam, the offender is subject to death as qisas if “the killer intended to kill and employed some means likely to have that result.” [5] It is also possible that courts might apply the principle that intentional killing or intentional infliction of serious and permanent bodily harm allows application of the talion principle [6] and therefore the death penalty if the offense results in death. Killing without intent may be punishable by death as hadd, but probably not as qisas.

There are reports that Saudis have exposed the body (with head sewn back on) of the condemned to public indignity, including crucifixion, after execution for the crime of highway robbery resulting in death. [3] (This question was last updated on April 25, 2019.) At least 134. [7] This offense may include (but might not be limited to) robbery resulting in death.

Social media marketing is not a random whirlwind of people coming and going without a trace—remarking alone is a testament of that! Actually, social media marketing is a highly tracked place full of analytics, statistics, behaviors and trends!

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