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Get started now and find existing reference data or use the tools to publish, validate and download your own.

Listpoint is published on the Cabinet Office ICT ASK register as a reusable asset for public administration projects.

The platform is also registered on the European Commission’s Community of European Semantic Assets Repositories (CESAR), providing reference data assets.

Listpoint is also a recognised supplier by the Open Government Partnership, set up to help Governments meet their OGP commitments.

Using Listpoint even helps you reduce IT implementation costs and comply with IT and data requirements from the private sector and government.You can use Listpoint to find, publish, manage, validate map and distribute publically available reference data .You can also use Listpoint for private projects where security of business data maybe central to the solution.Whether you are an entrepreneur, a public servant, a data steward or developer - Listpoint is for you.Listpoint is the largest, open reference data platform holding data standards and code lists from UK public bodies and the private sector.

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