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You'd expect to find 100 grams of element A in a sample if it was brand new.If you find 50 grams, the sample must be about 250 years old.Never mind that an incorrect statement spoken with confidence is every bit worse than an accurate origins goes over the creationist argument against carbon dating and other forms of dating in exhaustive detail.Their C-14 argument is full of holes, and the dishonesty shown in leaving out contributing factors which completely change the data is evident.

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" "Carbon dating can't prove anything is more than a few thousand years old."Could someone debunk this and explain how carbon dating works.

I believe the general term for the field is "radioisotope dating", and it basically works by measuring the rate at which radioactive elements turn into other elements.

Let's say you have some element A with a half life of 250 years.

They do it because they know that if the earth is more than 6,000-10,000 years old, it's absolutely game over for young-earth creationism and biblical literalism in general.

They lie, twist and misrepresent the facts about radiometric dating (and wholly ignore the many other corroborating methods) that tell us the actual age of organic materials to preserve their foundational fantasy at all costs.

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