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Until surrendered, each share certificate representing pre-Consolidation Common Shares of the Company will be deemed for all purposes to represent the number of whole post-Consolidation Common Shares to which the holder is entitled as a result of the Consolidation.

Non-registered shareholders holding Common Shares through an intermediary (such as a securities broker, dealer, bank or financial institution) should be aware that the intermediary may have different procedures for processing the Consolidation.

The Consolidation will affect shareholders uniformly, including holders of outstanding incentive stock options, warrants and other securities convertible into or exercisable for Common Shares (collectively, "Convertible Securities") on the Effective Date.

The exercise price, number and exchange basis of the Convertible Securities on the Effective Date will be adjusted proportionally to reflect the Consolidation.

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The primary business objective of the Company is to create shareholder value by offering a broader range of services to patients in need of in-home monitoring and chronic disease management.For instance, a traveler may consolidate all of their luggage into a single, larger bag.In finance and accounting, consolidation has more specific nuance.The consolidation and symbol change has been accepted by the TSXV.As a result of the Consolidation, the 417,648,518 Common Shares currently issued and outstanding will be reduced to approximately 83,529,704 Common Shares on a post-Consolidation basis.

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