College educated women dating uneducated men

“Black women who marry less-educated men have lower household incomes, to the tune of almost ,000 a year,” Quartz said.While Black women (and men) are dragged down my various other factors such as school quality, criminal justice, college access, wealth gaps, segregation and discrimination, Quartzsays that assortative mating — or lack there of — contributes to the racial disparity.But Quartz points to one factor that affects assortative mating patterns — race.

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By this simple sex-ratio logic, it should be raining men for the non-college women. Yes, the education-specific sex ratio is much better for women who haven’t been to college. But it’s not working out that well for them in mating-market terms.

Yet their marriage rates are still much lower than the college graduates’. I don’t have time to get into the reasons for this pattern; this post is media commentary more than social analysis.

But let’s just agree to remember that non-college-educated women exist, and acknowledge that the marriage market is even more unfair for them.

They’re losing out on attaining a higher household income because they’re “marrying down.” The concept is simple, really: assortative mating brings forth greater income because two college graduates multiply household earnings by two in comparison to households with less-educated couples.

Marrying within your educational achievement bracket also paves the way for better intergenerational mobility: “Families with two college graduates will have more money to invest in their children and may be able to afford private K-12 schools or homes in top-notch school districts.

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