Chat with a lonely wife

My mental health hasn't been great over the last six months, mainly because my fiancé and I recently split up and we were supposed to get married in July, and my younger brother hasn't been too well, which hasn't helped my mental health.Having a mental health problem is lonely because you constantly feel like you have to explain yourself and tell people why you feel a certain way.I was spending a lot of time on my own, I was homesick and it got worse from then on.

I don't interact with anyone until I get to the office.If people don't get it, it can be very isolating, especially if you're not able to articulate how you feel.I started having mental health problems in my teens but I never spoke to anyone about it until my early 20s and it was when I went to university that the loneliness hit.I find myself going to the pub too much and relying too heavily on drinking, because that's the only time you feel happy – you’re in a public place and you've got people around you – so it's about balancing the positives with the unhealthy negatives.I’m on all the main social media platforms but I try to avoid spending too much time on them.

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