Chaste dating

What might Harry make of Helen’s unusual willingess to be physical with him? He thought she was a "good Christian girl", but was her chastity before just an act?Like most in his culture, he has picked up the belief that it is the woman’s role to put the brakes on - and she has always put the brakes on up to this point. Has she changed her mind about “just going steady”?It is assumed that the man will have little power to resist if ever she says Yes to him.Dr Richmond Rikard-Bell, a medical doctor who maintained an interest in sexual dysfunction whilst practising as a G. for 25 years in Queensland, Australia, disagrees…In his 1990 book “Loving Sex” (Wypikaninkie Publications) Dr Richmond Rikard-Bell asserts that it is the man, not the woman, who is ideally suited to be the final gate-keeper for chaste dating.As a Christian, my starting point/s are different in various ways from other Christians let alone those with secularist outlook.Naturally people who start with different assumptions, are likely to reach different conclusions.One weekend, Helen and Harry share a wonderful day trip out, during which they talk and laugh and "buzz" together.They really seem to be on the same page and able to bring out the best in each other; and they talk about what they want for their lives in a possible long-term future together.

The dominant view in popular culture in 21st century Australia is that consensual premarital sex is not harmful or irresponsible, provided precautions are taken against disease and pregnancy.On the basis of his observations and study, he concluded that unlike the woman, “the human male does not lose control of his feelings in relations to sex” (p27).This pamphlet considers a fictitious couple, Helen and Harry, and discusses their dating choices on the basis of Rickard-Bells ideas, with a view to helping young adults (and soon-to-be-adults) consider the practicalities and benefits of abstaining from pre-marital sex. Harry occasionally tries to get more physical ( that is why my first topic in a Blogg called "The Scandal of the Cross of Christ" is about sex and dating!It is generally assumed that it is the woman who has final responsibility to decide if and when a dating couple has sex.

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