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During our conversation we discovered that Trooper Ignaszweski had added two charges, window tint too dark and no proof of insurance to his copy of the Citation without informing me.Needless to say I was shocked that a Minnesota Highway Patrolman would falsify a public document in such a way. Kowitz that I could have paid the ticket and not responded to the unknown to me additional charges one of which is a misdemeanor (no proof of insurance).Wiles's graduate research was guided by John Coates beginning in the summer of 1975.Together these colleagues worked on the arithmetic of elliptic curves with complex multiplication by the methods of Iwasawa theory.There was no hint in the title that Fermat's last theorem would be discussed, Dr. Together with his former student Richard Taylor, he published a second paper which circumvented the problem and thus completed the proof.Both papers were published in May 1995 in a dedicated issue of the Annals of Mathematics.

Also, the enduro racing Trooper Ignaszweski was tailgating me.

He gave me a verbal warning for window tint too dark and not having current proof of insurance in my car.

On August 9, 2014 I was stopped by Minnesota State Highway Patrolman Patric Ignaszweski and cited for speeding.

This work settles many of the basic problems on cyclotomic fields which go back to Kummer, and is unquestionably one of the major advances in number theory in our times.

Earlier he did deep work on the conjecture of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer for elliptic curves with complex multiplication – one offshoot of this was his proof of an unexpected and beautiful generalisation of the classical explicit reciprocity laws of Artin–Hasse–Iwasawa.

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