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Public Function Create Command And Update( _ By Val connection String As String, _ By Val query String As String) As Data Set Dim data Set As Data Set = New Data Set Using connection As New Ole Db Connection(connection String) connection.

c dataadapter update not updating database-12

Fill(data Set) ' Code to modify the data in the Data Set here. Update(data Set) End Using Return data Set End Function The update is performed on a by-row basis.For more information see Generating Commands with Command Builders.The Update method retrieves rows from the table listed in the first mapping before performing an update.This allows you to maximize the performance of your ADO. For example, if a primary key value for an existing row is updated, and a new row has been added with the new primary key value as a foreign key, it is important to process the update before the insert. By specifying a subset of rows to be updated, you can control the order in which inserts, updates, and deletes are processed. NET application by specifying command syntax at design time and, where possible, through the use of stored procedures. For example, the following code ensures that the deleted rows of the table are processed first, then the updated rows, and then the inserted rows.

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