Blind text dating

Sure, I say — that’s super interesting to me since I am a person who writes about photography for a living, among other things.

I think about Cameron, who has agreed to go out with me for Science: being confronted with the possibility of a blind date is, I imagine, a disorienting one for a person who is not a journalist specifically tasked with taking on the endeavor.

Cameron is a rock star, an extraordinary, very accomplished and fascinating person I feel like I could talk to all night, but I get more friend vibes. Perhaps a little too business-like, I say thank you for your time. A busy person myself, I hate it when people waste my time, so I wanted him to know I valued the space he made for me in his life, even for a little while.

Later, he asks me how this works, does he tell George he’d like to see me again? What is a cool feeling, though, is that George would think to set me up with someone so interesting and accomplished, that he thinks I deserve a fine person like that.

I didn’t see a photo of him in return since I’m a lady of my word, but it did feel kind of powerful to know he had seen me and was interested in going out — he was already attracted to me, at least enough to say yes to going out with me. I’m curious about the world before we could hold the internet in the palms of our hands, about the blind dates of yore. The opportunity for what my mother calls a “naked blind date” — that is, one where you never met the person or saw a picture of them and vice versa beforehand — was a rare one, at least for her, because friends and family already had their own standards of who to send through.

I can’t imagine the scenario is much different today, with the added bonus of just being able to Google everyone.

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