Blake and nellie glee project dating

Runners-up and earning 2 episode arcs on Glee: Alex Newell & Lindsay Pearce Winners of the series and earning 7 episode arcs on Glee: Samuel Larsen & Damian Mc Ginty The contender won a 2-episode arc on Glee.

Casting for a second season was announced after the first season finale.

Note: All previously eliminated contestants made cameo appearances in the music video.

The eliminated contestants also sang backup for the homework assignment.

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Mc Ginty, Larsen, Pearce and Newell were chosen to sing on the 2011 Glee Christmas album, Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 2.

They are then each assigned a different song that they will perform in hopes of being "saved".

During season 1, Nikki visited each of the bottom in their dressing/rehearsal room to provide last minute feedback and a pep talk.

Unlike most reality competition shows, contestants are not directly informed of their elimination, nor must they wait for extended tension-filled pauses to hear the results one by one.

Rather, the bottom three are notified when "the list is up" and discover their fate as they find their name on the list.

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