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With so many connotations surrounding bisexuals, Bi-Pride’s users often find it simpler to date within their own community rather than struggling with the perceptions of outsiders.Although bisexuals may not receive as much media attention as the other groups under the LGBTQ umbrella, they make up around half of the community.However, bisexuals often face stigmas that individuals in the gay, lesbian, transgender, and straight communities don’t.“The prejudice and hatred against bisexuals can make it hard for them to live,” said’s Nick Young.Despite this majority status, however, bisexuals don’t always feel welcome in straight or gay communities.“Despite being the largest population within the LGBT community, bisexuals tend to be seen as outsiders in lesbian, gay, and heterosexual communities.Register a free account today and try it out for yourself!Short version: Bisexuals may be the majority within the LGBTQ community, but that doesn’t mean they’re the most accepted or understood.

Bi-Pride’s users are not just from the US, as the website is popular with bisexuals in countries around the world — including Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany.“More and more, bisexuals are afraid of coming out, and some of them even feel self-suspicious.But being bisexual is not shameful.” Since bisexuals ostensibly have a larger dating pool than either straight or gay people, there is a perception that they have an easier time finding dates.But Bi-Pride aims to erase some of this stigma by helping bisexuals find like-minded friends, partners, and communities.All of the website’s members must identify as bisexual.

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