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It can be hard to rally the troops to go out in DC but when there’s a lesbian event, everybody goes and it’s so packed with girls you don’t know what to do with yourself.

It’s like New Year’s Eve: you get your friends together, you pre-game, you get yourself all dolled up and think, “This is it! ” and then it ends up being a chaotic mess in which everyone gets covered in glitter, feels kind of overwhelmed, and may or may not make out with someone.

Some of the commenters on Carmen’s post said it’s not a great place to be if you don’t appear obviously gay.

Basically, Phase is great, especially because of its history and Jell-O wrestling, but not an ideal locale for fans of pop music and a clubby atmosphere.

I always go, since to me ladies’ night at Cobalt is one of the Lesbian High Holidays that should always be observed by faithful devotees. Just like Cobalt ladies’ night, though, it can get crazy crowded, so it may not be the choice for you if you don’t like crowds. REX is guaranteed to be filled with lovely queer ladies, though, so I highly recommend it. Lez Get Together Lez is a Washington, DC-based organization that aims to foster a sense of community among lesbians and queer-identified lovers of women in “the DMV” (the District, Maryland and Virginia – justsoyaknow the lingo). You can get more info on their website or Facebook.

It’s not a regular event or a bar, basically the “Lez Invade” team sponsors girls-only happy hours around DC which are like more relaxed versions of Girls Night and SHE. I’d recommend you go with friends – like all lesbian events, girls show up with their posse and don’t seem to talk to people they don’t know, just engage in intense, overly-long periods of eye contact with girls they kind of recognize from other events or Ok Cupid stalking but don’t feel like breaking away from their group to go talk to. I’m sure you have nooo idea what I’m talking about. Wherethegirlsgo “Like” them on Facebook, or go to their website.

In addition to coverage of pop culture, media and LGBT happenings in DC, they also provide “best weekend bets” to let you know what’s going on in LGBT life every weekend in DC.

Though Cobalt is mostly for boys, you can usually find a bunch of girls there too.But in February Phase One Dupont opened and changed everything with its promises to be a bar, a club, a place for girls to dance, a place where we can say to our gay boy friends, “come join me at MY club, instead of me joining you at yours.” Of the opening, Carmen said it was “amazing and bewildering.” Also: “I stood in the center of a place where I used to be a visitor — a woman in a place for men — and suddenly it was my place, for people like me, for people who liked people like me…600 women in the same room is more than a dream come true and potentially the fodder of your next late-night dream. But Phase One, Dupont will also have boys’ nights, meaning that while it will be the new spot for girls, it won’t be exclusively so.But I go out a lot, luckily for you, and therefore I’ve been to all those gay boy bars!Pixie told me there were too many bars to list them all, and because she’s right, I’ve narrowed my list down to my top five bars and my top five lesbian events. Phase One and Phase One, Dupont The original Phase One (or, “the Phase”) is the one all-lesbian bar in DC.

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