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I’ve mentioned this a few times previously because I’ve been able to make some important connections to the reading I’ve done and the work I am trying to do at this point in time.One of the more important things that I remember that keeps coming up over and over is the concept of locus of control.It’s taking me a while to get through because the text is dense and filled with messages that require time to think through, digest, and begin to embody in every day life.The concept of creating your own existence is reiterated throughout this text.Where Swords relate more to our internal struggles and dealing with issues, Cups represent external relationships that tend to be more upbeat and positive.Cups are all about following your HEART and are represented by the suit of hearts in the traditional deck of playing cards. Until next time, Kara We live in a culture that feeds off of lack.

If those thoughts we choose to give precedence to are focused on lack or negativity, what effect does this have on the world as we see it?This results in removing myself from the present and sinking down into the deep, dark, lonely cave of “I don’t have” and “I wish” and “if only”. What’s incredible about this practice is that it does shift your energy. It feels as though winter will never end and choices for different activities seem incredibly limited. I chose some words from the book I Am the Word by Paul Selig to share today to help refocus energy and break some negative patterns of thinking.Once I am in that cave, I am blind to the experiences and people that I end up losing to my wallowing and self-pity. I realized that when I was trapped in the place of lack, lack was the only thing that could seem to find me. You begin looking for things in your every day life to be grateful for, which makes it increasingly difficult to dwell on the negative. Did your parents ever warn you about hanging around with certain people because they were a “bad influence”?The difference is that external loci are prone to sink into depression and despair, whereas internal loci will bounce back and try to strategize their next move accordingly. I’ll tell you why: this message is reiterated over and over by gurus and spiritual leaders and channeled messages, not just in psychology textbooks.Right now I am in the middle of reading the second of Paul Selig’s series of channeled texts, The Book of Love & Creation.

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