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I know you are a licensed and certified instructor, and Charlie said that you are the best instructor he has ever seen. " "You asked me if I liked to kiss, if I loved it." "Oh my God, talk about a Freudian slip!

I need your help and I am prepared to pay you very well for your assistance." John smiled, "I'll take the job if you agree to several conditions. We have to study and fly constantly until I say you are ready. I need to know a few things first, Number one, what position do you hold in this company? I founded it and built it to what it is today." John grinned, "Do you drive a car? I thought I asked if you liked to fly." "Yes, I love to fly but Charlie keeps me on edge so I don't get to savor the experience the way I want to, and I do like to kiss too." "Girl, we best not go there or your boyfriend will win the bet." She looked at him seriously, "I don't believe you will ever let that happen." "OK Cindy, when can we start?

She had offered him coffee when she had seated him in a comfortable chair but he had declined. It read: 'Hey Buddy, Thanks again for saving my life; Betty would have killed me if we missed her family reunion one more time. Meet at the O'Brien Foods Company Offices on Silver Springs Blvd. Thanks again, Charlie.' John heard a door open and a group of smiling men and women exited an office and departed through different doors. He saw the secretary pick up a phone and speak into it.

Now he followed her gaze as she looked at the clock on the wall. She stood and walked to him and said, "The boss will see you now." She led him into a large beautifully furnished office.

Answer A: Twenty years old, five foot five inches tall; blond hair and blue eyes; Ph.

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Murphy." John couldn't keep a huge smile from his face. " She stared at him, "Call me Cindy, or by my initials, CEO, please don't be embarrassed, but I absolutely MUST take your picture." She thought, 'God, he is handsome and he is staring at me.' She dashed to her desk and pulled a digital camera from her purse. She looked at the picture on the camera display and grinned. She was truly beautiful, she wore a gunmetal gray pinstriped suit that appeared to be hand tailored to her body.She smiled and pointed to a comfortable chair in an informal group of several chairs around a coffee table."Please make yourself comfortable, it will only be a moment." After a moment he faintly heard a toilet flush.A minute later a door opened and one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen entered the room and walked toward him.There was a faint smile on her lovely face as she held out her delicate hand.

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