Are gary lightbody and lisa hannigan still dating dailt telegraph dating

The song was an unexpected hit in 2005, then again when Leona Lewis took a cover to number one. Eyes Open became the biggest-selling album of the year in Britain in 2006 and gave the world Chasing Cars, one of those songs you hear everywhere, all the time.

Lightbody can connect with whole stadiums full of people, so why does he have nobody to connect with as a partner? We sort of swapped nervous breakdowns.” They had been together since their days at Dundee University in the early Nineties, and slogged away as a band for a whole decade without any success, before sudden global fame brought a relentless schedule.

I'm afraid the news will break many fan's hearts - Gary is a bit of a pin-up".

Lisa, who is from Dunshaughlin, Co Meath, stopped playing with Irish singer Damien Rice recently after an abrupt message on Damien's website.

A source close to the band said: "Gary is smitten with Lisa. They've known each other for ages but things only became serious recently.

"Since they fell for each other, they've hardly been out of each other's sight.

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