Apostolic christian dating rules

I want to lay out the Biblical reasonings for this way of clothing our bodies.🙂 Note: We DO NOT HAVE TO DO THESE to be part of the church!My church is kind of known for having slightly stricter standards than the majority of the others.This is because it is what our Pastor believes, through researching the Bible and letting God lead him, and so throughout the year he feels it is his duty to teach us what he believes.(There is varying strictness on jewelry, my church allows one ring on each hand and watches because they have a function. Others allow light makeup but no heavy cosmetics.) ~Ladies do not wear colorful nail polishes. My church does, although many within my church have personal convictions that feel that only clear polish should be allowed.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now for Biblical and just plain life reasonings!Deut 22:5 – “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.” ~Hence why we ladies wear skirts and men wear pants.Therefore, we learn why the Bible says that us ladies should not wear pants, show cleavage, wear makeup or jewelry, etc as listed below.

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The goal of these initiatives and our spiritual outreaches is to share the love of Christ and the message of salvation.

(Tomorrow I want to talk about our hair and our holiness standards for our actions because yet again I went on in this post for longer than I thought and I was not able to talk about hair!

) You may have noticed that us Apostolic/Pentecostal girls, and yes even the boys, tend to dress a certain trademark way.

We are NOT a cult, we are allowed decisions and free thought!

🙂 Now, a couple of the previous posts in this series (about Oneness and the way to salvation) are strictly set for the majority of Apostolics, but some of the upcoming posts (about hair and holiness standards) really differ with the beliefs of each church’s pastor and that person’s personal convictions.

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