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She wished to please Hephaistos, the great Artificer, and save his isle of Lemnos from ever lacking men again . The scent of burnt-offerings filled the air; and of all the immortals, it was Hera's glorious son Hephaistos and Kypris [Aphrodite] herself whom their songs and sacrifices were designed to please." "Venus [Aphrodite] . Pleased with her wiles and aware of her beauty, Venus [Aphrodite] could feel them taking effect. Thus saying, he gave his wife the love he was aching to give her; then he sank into soothing sleep, relaxed upon her breast." "Demodokos [the Phaiakian bard] struck his lyre and began a beguiling song about the loves of Ares and Aphrodite, how first the lay together secretly in the dwelling of Hephaistos.

Volcanus [Hephaistos], in love's undying thrall [conceded to her requests] . Ares had offered many gifts to the garlanded divinity and covered with shame the marriage bed of Lord Hephaistos.

She bore him a son, the godling Hermaphroditos (and some say Eros).

Sign up today to browse the FREE personal ads of available Paphos singles, and hook up online using our completely free Aphrodite Hills online dating service! Some say Hermes Bakkheios (Iakkhos) was also their child.HEPHAISTOS The god of smiths was the husband of Aphrodite, who later divorced her following her adulterous love affair with Ares.Ares stormed the forge of Hephaistos, bearing arms, but was driven back by the Divine Smith with showers of flaming metal (according to Libanius 7, not currently quoted here). When Hera sat down she was held fast, and Hephaistos refused to listen to any other of the gods [including Ares] save Dionysos--in him he reposed the fullest trust--and after making him drunk Dionysos brought him to heaven." "When Father Liber [Dionysos] had brought him [Hephaistos] back drunk to the council of the gods, he could not refuse this filial duty [and free Hera from the magical throne he had trapped her in].Dionysos next approached the god, and suggested that he might claim Aphrodite for himself if he were to release his mother willingly. Then he obtained freedom of choice from Jove [Zeus], to gain whatever he sought from them.

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