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I want the writers to, the cast to, like everybody.I think that we're walking into this knowing that this is going to be our last season, we're going to get the opportunity to do that."Josh wasn't able to drop any spoilers about season five—"I would be really upset with myself if I ruined the fun"—but he teases, "I feel like the great unfinished mystery of the show are the observers.

So there's a couple of those reveals, of the stuff that they've told me, that I think are just awesome. I think maybe now we need to do Charlie Conway- Con," he tells us.

returns with an all new episode on Friday (October 26) at 9/8c on Fox.

Check out a promo below in which Peter (Jackson) appears to be caught in a powerful explosion and left at the mercy of Captain Windmark.

and they don't come around every year just because you're unemployed," he explained.

"So the next time around, I'll be waiting for something as good as this." Torv - who plays Olivia Dunham opposite Jackson's Peter Bishop - also admitted that she wants "to take a deep breath" before returning to series television.

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