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Much of handling intimidating people thus lies in stopping that comparison, or in reassuring ourselves we've got plenty of points to fight with.The feeling of intimidation can make you mentally choke, leaving you at a loss for words that makes you feel even worse.Imagine yourself talking to the little child inside the intimidating person.Be careful with this though – I don’t mean you should put on a condescending voice and offer them a sweet!Ever since then, when I meet someone who spews out anger and negativity, it offers me a glimpse of how awful their internal experience of the world is.

didn’t think so…) or you can choose to see the inner child in someone and experience the emotions associated with that thought. Sentences with the word intimidating Words that rhyme with intimidating What is the adjective for intimidating? Anyone or anything that is fearsome, daunting, or terrifying could be called intimidating. Climbing into the mouth of a volcano and trying to take a photograph for National Geographic would be extremely intimidating, because you could die, and if you don't, what if your pictures aren't that good?Believe it or not, we all feel like children inside, no matter what age we are.We can all be regressed to feeling like that little kid again depending on how someone behaves with us. Intimidating people are often all bravado and have very little to back it up with.

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