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She won the Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer for her role as Brenda Patimkin in romantic comedy drama film Goodbye Columbus (1969).

Until the day he died”—in November 1980, of lung cancer, three years after he and Mac Graw divorced—“he was madly in love with her.”At the peak of her fame, Mac Graw gave up her career for Mc Queen.

She made her Broadway debut in a play "Festen" (2006).

She was married to: Steve Mc Queen (1973-1978) American actor (she began dating Steve Mc Queen while filming The Getaway)Robert Evans (1969-1972) American Film/TV Producer, they have one son, Josh Robin Hoen (1961-1962) Harvard-educated banker (has been dating for five years before marriage).

I don’t regret anything.” That valuing of passion, integrity, and wisdom over security is so out of favor in today’s pragmatic world that we’ve almost forgotten its power.

In both , Mac Graw played an elite-college student.

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